Turnstile & Security Gates

Producing multi-functional access control solution

PERCo turnstiles, gates & railings

PERCo turnstiles, gates and railing systems are used for control of pedestrian flows and access at a wide variety of settings including industrial, commercial and transport facilities, financial institutions, sports and leisure venues, etc.

The product family of entrance control products designed and manufactured by PERCo covers a wide range of security, dimensional and aesthetical requirements and includes:
st-01 turnstile form perco
  • compact tripod turnstiles
  • box tripod turnstiles
  • waist-high rotor turnstiles
  • waist-high swing gates
  • full height rotor turnstiles
  • full height security gates
  • railing systems
Combined with access control systems, biometrical, ticketing, fire alarm or similar devices, PERCo entrance control products provide the level of security to meet even the most exacting requirements. A combination of elegant exterior, fast throughput and proven high reliability makes PERCo entrance control products a universal solution for entrances of buildings, offices, outlets, leisure and entertainment facilities.