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Open Options

Over the past two decades, Open Options has developed numerous unified partnerships across all areas of the industry, including video management, elevator systems, critical communications and many more. These partnerships allow DNA Fusion to be the most connected and cutting-edge access control platform available today, and provide a seamless, best-of-breed security solution for each user.

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By combining access control, IP video management, critical communications and more, DNA Fusion is designed to provide the simplest and most complete security solution available. Features such as “drag and drop” functionality, custom menus, and advanced alarm handling with routing and escalation are just a few of the components that make DNA Fusion the most reliable and effective source for any organization’s access control requirements.

Open Options Fusion Suite lets users take advantage of our award winning DNA Fusion™ open platform access control software from the office or on-the-go. Users can securely access their DNA Fusion software through any supported web browser with Fusion Web and can design and print ID badges on the spot with Fusion ID.


OpenDX software provides an easy-to-use interface for configuring the data you want to transfer into the DNA Fusion access control system. This powerful tool removes the time-consuming task of manually entering data across all of your various business systems; saving your company money and valuable resources. OpenDX performs automated data transfers from any valid data source.


FREE unlimited credentials with the purchase of compatible Wavelynx readers. ACT ID, by Open Options, is an elegantly simple mobile application. ACT ID stores your unique ID and communicates it securely to DNA Fusion for authentication. ACT ID features zero-touch, cloud-issued credentials for direct enrollment into DNA Fusion.


The Fusion Flex API provides a robust mechanism for external parties to develop an interface into DNA Fusion to accomplish a myriad of tasks or receive information.


The destination dispatch systems from ICT’s access control solutions bring this to provide a single cohesive and unified solution that helps you keep unwanted visitors outside, while enabling you to monitor and control access inside.

Whether it’s a small business or a large-scale enterprise project the systems provide a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of big or small.

proximity card reader from destination dispatch elevator system

Proximity Card Reader

Sleek and stylish RFID card readers with a range of optional features including Bluetooth® the tSec series has a solution for everyone.

DIN Rail from Protege used for destination dispatch

Protege DIN Rail

Give your integrated electronic security systems the competitive edge with compact, robust and elegant DIN Rail units.

IP monitoring for destination dispatch elevator system

IP Monitoring

Moving your monitored alarm system to a fully IP solution, utilizes your existing internet connection and provides significant savings.
elevator button pressed

Elevator Control System

Elevator integration links elevator control systems with ICT’s Protege system to increase building security and improve the flow of people.


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ICT for destination dispatch elevator system