Intrusion Alarm & Motion Detection

Detecting various types of dangers and unauthorized intrusion into protected area

Intrusion Motion Detection Alarm System, an innovative technological solutions that provides top-class security systems, access control & smart building automatic control functions. Manufactured by Satel one of the leading world-producers that caters perfect reliability of all products. The product range includes control board, sirens, detectors, monitoring stations, and other high-quality electronic alarm detection system devices.


Alarm sirens will inform about detecting various types of dangers. It has two types, indoor sirens & outdoor sirens. This division mostly results from their installation locations, technological solutions provided and design. In this case, the available extensive range of such devices facilitates selection of a product harmoniously adjusted to the architecture of the building on whose facade it will be mounted.

intrusion motion detector installed at a wall
intrusion alarm & motion detector


Intrusion detectors are one of the most important elements impacting the quality and reliability of alarm systems. Thus their correct selection and application requires theoretical expertise and experience. These products includes motion detector, magnetic detector, vibration detector, flood detector and many more.

Control Panel

Integra Intrusion Alarm Panels have simple modules suitable for quick installation to advanced control panels which combined alarm functions with automation and access control. Its control panels have been designed for the clients who are looking for professional solutions for business and industrial facilities. The devices fulfill the restrictive requirements ensuring high level of security.

intrusion control panel installed at a wall