Electric Fencing Solution

With large range of innovative high quality products for all types of properties

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Nemtek is a leading supplier of innovative electric fencing products. Respected globally, chosen by many governments, local authorities and industries as the product of choice to protect their utilities, correctional facilities and defense infrastructures. We manufacture and supply a full spectrum of energizers and fencing hardware for applications in agricultural animal management, as well as industrial, commercial and residential security fencing.

It manufactures a large range of high quality electric fencing solutions for home, commercial and infrastructure security. Its monitoring technology allows for advanced warning of any fence breach or tampering, and has the capability to identify the specific area should an intrusion occur, meaning that security resources can quickly be directed to where they are required.

Building Types:

Nemtek’s extensive range of quality and innovative security electric fencing products helps ensure the safety and well-being of households. Nemtek products are trusted and recommended by many homeowners to offer better security for their families and friends.The large range of wall-top brackets and posts make it easy to secure most walls offering a range of effective and reliable security solutions.
Nemtek has advanced security solutions for commercial applications. Modulus bracket and post systems are just some of the trusted solutions which ensure that the security electric fencing products are visually appealing but with no compromise on their effectiveness and reliability.
The Residental Application need to protect large industrial areas has been met by Nemtek’s range of fullheight fencing solutions. In many instances multiple fence zones are required and the modular design of Nemtek energizers makes this easy to achieve.


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