Access Control Solution

Building Management System

In an increasingly digitalized world, buildings must adapt to rapidly changing technologies and expectations. The performance of a building automation system can have a profound impact on its occupants, our environment, and the businesses that depend of them. Creating high performing buildings in a perfect way requires a holistic system that can constantly evolve and provide the right tools for getting the most out of any building.

Access Control Solution

Access control is crucial for protecting physical assets, facilities, and people. Yet it is above all enabling technology – helping people to go where they need to go, and do what they need to do, while keeping the organization safe and secure with a minimal management effort.

Gate Automation System

From the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gate automation products in the UK. Our large range of swing gate automation products includes residential, electro-mechanical operators through to large commercial hydraulic operators. Our DAAB brand focuses on high end, bespoke packages for large gates. Our sliding gate automation products include 24V operators and the range runs right up to larger 3-phase operators with the capability of moving gates up to 3,500kg.

Parking Management System

Supplies a broad range of Parking Management System (PMS) products widely used by any properties to help the users quickly complete the entry and exit control and support maintaining a pleasant urban life for people and vehicles via use of parking lots and parking facilities.

Electric Fence Solution

Nemtek is a leading supplier of innovative electric fencing products. Manufactures and supplies a full spectrum of energizers and fencing hardware for applications in agricultural animal management, as well as industrial, commercial and residential security fencing.

Intrusion Alarm & Motion Detection

Intrusion Motion Detection Alarm System, an innovative technological solutions that provides top-class security systems, access control & smart building automatic control functions. Manufactured by Satel one of the leading world-producers that caters perfect reliability of all products. The product range includes control board, sirens, detectors, monitoring stations, and other high-quality electronic alarm detection system devices.

Biometrics & Time Attendance

Globally renowned provider of biometric verification algorithm techniques, sensors and software platform, which owns patents of fingerprint, iris, face, vein and palm print recognition techniques etc., and owns patents of compute vision techniques including facial recognition, identification of behaviors, X-ray object identification, and video structure, which make ZKTeco one of the enterprises in the industry that owns comparatively numerous patents.